First day in the big sim house hold
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The time has finally arrived
The 6 contestants have now finally been locked into the big sim house the doors will open again when the first sim is voted off. Read on to find out all the goss on what happened today

When the contestants first arrived they had to read the rules of big sim basicaly they could do what ever they wanted except leave the house. They also have to go in to the diary room when instructed to tell big sim how they feel.
After reading the rules Leanne jumped up and turned on the jukebox then showed everyone why she was in dance school. During this time the sims were able to talk and so far everything seems ok.
Hot tub
After dancing Leanne lept into the hot tub naked of course to relax. Scott and Brad were not far behind and the atmosphere got very steamy. While this hot tub was full Claire and Brad preferred to relax wearing clothes but they still got on well.
Later that night in the pink bedroom. "Have you seen my chocs they seemed to have gone missing" asked Jasmine to Leanne when she entered the room. "The ones in the heart shaped box? No I havent". At dinner that night Jasmine asked Scott and Claire but they hadn't. Jasmine was so determined to find them her and Leanne went into the blue room were the boys had decided to sleep and found them. Joel was the one who stole the chocolates and apologised to Jasmine which she accepted but late that night she went in to the diary room and explained to big sim that she was angry one of her house mates could steal from her but was sorry that she got all worked up.

Argument between Brad and Leanne
After talking politly to Leanne Brad started asking very personal questions. "Do you have a boyfriend at the moment?" he asked "No but I hear you have a wife and two kids" "We dont get on and I dont think i would be able to not have sex for a whole 77 days" "What are you implying" she asked "Dont mess me about you want it just as much as me" "I dont think so it seems like your brain is in your trousers" With that she walked away.
Shock for Scott
Scott walked into the boys bathroom to pop to the loo and found more than he expected!Leanne naked in his bath! " Oh I hope you dont mind Clair is in our bathroom I dont mind if you want to use the toilet" A flustered Scott said it was alright but quickly went off to tell the boys.
Leanne hugs Scott after her bath to say sorry. Scott looks so smitten with her. Will love blossom?
After their first day in the house they were able to chat about their lives over dinner

Sound asleep
There were no rules which told them the boys and girls had to sleep in seperate rooms but the girls said they would feel more comfortable together and chose the pink room

More photos
Visit the photo page to see more highlights of their first day together in the house. Even though it is early to vote you can still tell everyone your views