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Below are some higlights of the gameshow

Contestants have to read the rules as soon as they enter the house

Jasmine and Scott get to know each other

Leanne shows that she is not shy

Where as Claire is more private (does she know there are cameras in the bathroom?)

Joel moving the chocs

Leanne does not approve of Brads flirting

Jasmine asks Leanne if she has seen her chocs

Jasmine asks Scott and Claire over dinner

Leanne likes a soak in the bath

1st night and girls choose to sleep in the same room

Jasmine finds her chocs

Jasmine searches the boys cupboards

Joel apologizes

Jasmine in the big sim chair

Scott gets a shock

Leanne hugs Scott

Brad talks to Jasmine

Claire cleans the fish

Claire hits Leanne

Brad and Jasmine hug

Scott spraying bugs

Joel works out

Claire and Jasmine eat

Claire sits on table

Scott and Leanne hug