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Read on to find out what has been happening since your last visit!

Brad chats up Jasmine

The next morning after having no luck with Leanne the day before Brad starts to chat up Jasmine. “Did you sleep well?he asks, “Not really I felt really weird knowing that people were watching me sleep“Those clothes very suit you they compliment your figure"“Oh thanks Brad, my boyfriend picked them out for “Oh right he said glumly. “How long have you been going out?“3 years we plan to get married soon but he hasnt proposed yet" "Hes very lucky" complimented Brad “Your married arent you?" asked Jasmine. Brad nodded his head and walked over to the fridge.
Joel says sorry
Joel walks over to Jasmine with a huge cheeky smile. “I’m sorry I stole your chocolates. But I couldn’t help myself they looked so tasty. I will buy you some more when we get out of here. Please forgive me I wouldn’t upset you on purpose coz your so cute” “I forgive you but I want you to buy me the most expensive chocolates with the 1 million your going to win.” “Hey there’s no way I’m going to win I bet you do” With that he walked away looking pleased with himself
Love is in the air
Over in the boy’s bedroom it looks like Scott and Leanne have fallen in love. How well will it go down with the others? “I’m sorry for shocking you last night” said Leanne “ That alright you had already striped off to go in the hot tub. You can use our bath whenever you want.” “Oh thanks that really sweet, will you help scrub my back” “sure any time babe” replied Scott.
Scott tells Brad the good news
“Hey guess what Brad I think I’ve pulled!” Scott boasted to Brad. “ Well done mate” he patted him on the back. “Who’s the lucky lady?” “Leanne” “You lucky bastard she’s well fit. Get in their mate. I’m not having any luck Jasmine is in a relationship and that Claire is just weird.” “What about your wife? Have you forgot about her?” “ I wish I could”
Passionate kiss
Later in the bathroom Scott sneaks up behind Leanne and gives here a passionate kiss. They don’t notice when Claire comes in.
Claire gets angry
“What the hell are you doing?” shouts Claire “What does it look like don’t you know about the birds and the bees?” laughed Leanne “Scott is mine! Keep you hands of him!” “Hey no I’m not what makes you think that?” asks Scott shocked
Claire flirts with Scott
Claire touches Scott’s arm “You now you want me I’ve seen you looking at me across the room” “Get off me you weirdo your sick in the head” Scott pushes her away from him.