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Joel goes to chear up Claire
“Can I come in Claire?” asks Joel. “ If you want” “Hey don’t cry come here” He hugged her to make her feel better. “Don’t worry you will settle in soon it was a stupid little argument” said Joel “No I wont I just want to go home this is awful. Thanks for being so kind to me. But I will get my own back”
Joel comforts claire
One thing leads to another and Joel and Claire end up kissing.
Swap rooms
“Hey Leanne do you want to swap beds? I think it would be best if you and Claire didn’t sleep in the same room” asks Joel “ Yeah that will be great I don’t want to be any where near her. Can you do me a favour and rub my back it aches”
Claire gets angry
Claire storms over “your doing it again aren’t you?” “What now?” “Flirting with my men” “You and Joel are not an item” laughs Leanne. “Then why did he kiss me before? You are just a slut keep you dirty little hands off him or else” shouts Claire.
Leanne in pain
“Help!” shrieked Leanne when she was talking to Jasmine. “Owwww my neck it kills” “Oh my god are you all right?” asked Jasmine. “No I think I will go to bed see you tomorrow”.
Truth discovered
At the same time Joel walks into the room and sees Claire stabbing a pin into her voodoo doll to make Leanne feel pain. Joel walked straight out of the room and decided to tell Jasmine. “I don’t want to tell Claire we know so lets keep it a secret between you, me and Leanne ok?” “Yeah sure I thought there was something weird about her,” replied Jasmine
Jasmine tells Leanne
“Leanne wake up” Jasmine says softly into Leanne’s ear she tells Leanne what Joel had just seen and tells her to keep it a secret. “Yeah I will but I know who I’m going to vote of tomorrow” grumbled Leanne.