Diary room
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What do they think?
Read this page to see who votes off who from the big sim house then go to the voting page and vote off the player you dont like.

Big sim chair
This is the room where the contestants have to vote

Jasmines vote
“I want to vote of Claire because she is really weird and she thinks all the men in the house fancy her which is just not true. I never liked her from the start and she hasn’t changed her clothes for the whole time we have been here which is just disgusting to say the least. I also thinks it is evil what she is doing to Leanne because she was in so much pain.”

Leannes vote
“I’m sorry if I get emotional but what Claire has done to me has been awful and I feel so uncomfortable. I tried to be nice to her but she disliked me from the start. She is always insulting me and when I dance to cheer myself up she criticises me but I’m the professional dancer. No doubt about it I want to vote her off I think we will all get on very well with out her. And she is very weird with her little doll and I think she is evil.”

Claires vote
“I want to vote off Leanne because she is one of the worst people in the house she has made my life here miserable. I have tried to get on with everyone but she hasn’t even tried to be nice. She is just selfish and a flirt. She is always showing off with her dancing and stripping off in front of the boys. I would have had a change with Scott if she hadn’t stolen him from me. She is nothing but a slut and a liar. I hope I never have to see here again.

Joel's vote
“I know I kissed Claire and led her on but I don’t feel anything for her if anything she pushed her self onto me. At first I thought she was nice and blamed Leanne for upsetting her but when I saw her with that doll I felt sick and know I just see her as evil. So I want to vote her off and I hope all the viewers do to because she could try and hurt everybody who upsets her”

Brads vote
“I am not sure who to vote off because no one has upset apart from Leanne when she told me my brain was in my pants which is not true at all. I heard Leanne and Claire having an argument but I don’t know why or anything. So I will vote off Leanne because she insulted me and because she keeps striping off don’t get me wrong I like that but she shouldn’t lead me on. Also I think she will break Scott’s heart because he is so in love and I don’t think she will stay faithful because I’ve seen her flirting with Joel.”

Scotts vote
“I am confused between Claire and Jasmine. But I will vote off Jasmine because she is always telling me to clean up and I don’t want to live with another mum because one is enough. Before I came in here Leanne asked me to vote off Claire but I was quite flattered that she fancies me so I want to keep her in. So my vote is Jasmine She can be nice but she it too obsessed with cleanliness.”